Here is the rebirth of my housebuilding blog, originally published on the now defunct Vox platform. It mainly covers the building process from 2006-2007, with some sporadic posts afterwards. I will present each entry as is from when it was first written and add real-time commentary (in italics) when I just cannot help myself.

Lovely Nelson, NH


Here is the town we are building in, Nelson, NH. This is a composite picture of the town center, featuring the church, library and town hall.

I still love this view, it never gets old. The little structure on the left at the end of the green is a bunch of mailboxes, including ours, a definite landmark that people use when giving directions.
Things have been spruced up a bit since this pic was taken.

I feel pretty lucky that this spot is just a 5 minute walk (albeit a steep one) from my house, and I walk here often with my daughter, either in a pack or a jogging stroller that can handle the dirt roads. From here it is either a nice stroll to Center Pond and the horses and sheep at the French's farm, or I get ambitious and make it all the way down to Child's Bog, which has an incredible view of Mt. Monadnock. Or sometimes I walk to the town cemetery, and look at the old graves of civil war soldiers, 19th century homesteaders, and poets.